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Identify your strengths and weaknesses & build a team accordingly:


In paragraph form:
Write out the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
What skills are you missing?
Is there a good partner candidate?
Do you need them full time or on a temporary basis?
How can you start to find people to fill the gaps?




Brett loved bees but hated selling honey. The hive got bigger and bigger; There was so much, Brett could not give the honey away. Friends always suggested that he sell honey at the farmer’s market or at the local tourist shops, but Brett would have none of that. He was a bee person, not a people person.

One day, his nephew Miloasked if they could start a honey a bee product business called Sippin’ Bee Honey. Brett knew that Milo had a silver tongue and charmed his way through life. Brett agreed to keep the bees while Milo would hit the farmer’s markets, local tourist shops and build a simple website. Both brought different skills to the business.


Greg was just laid off from his position as an agricultural economist researching wheat. Fewer research economist jobs were available as states were cutting their staff in the downturn. Greg knew everything there was to know about the wheat markets. He didn’t want to move because of family reasons. In a chance meeting, Greg ran into Pete, a high school classmate, at the coffee shop.

Pete had just moved back to his hometown after a successful career in big data stock trading. In his previous job, he develop computer programs which would analyze enormous amounts of data and make stock trades. While Greg and Pete were never tight growing up, both understood that each had different skills sets if they were to develop a big data wheat trading program. If they had some success, they would ask Charlie, another classmate and stock broker, to help identify investors.

Courtney, a retired ballerina, and Sally were not friendly in high school. Years later, Courtney would often run into Sally who had children that were the same age as her own. They were opposites. Courtneywas free-spirited and danced while Sally was good at math and by the book. As adults, they got along as they shared mothering experiences.

On a warm summer day, Sally complained that there was no dance studio for her children to learn. She suggested to Courtney that she start a dance studio. Courtney knew many successful dancers who failed at dance studios. Dance was only part of a studio. Courtney said she would only be interested if Sally was a partner. Courtney knew that Sally was tired of preparing tax returns for customers. They both agreed to think about it and talk about it at the next playdate.


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FAQ & Resources

How do I find the right people?
The best place to start is to clearly write out the needs. Then, ask friends and advisors for suggestions. Get more details later in the Right People module.



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