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Develop bios for your team and a company executive summary


Answer in paragraph form:
Write a one sentence summary about yourself. Describe how you got into the start up and how passionate you are about the business. Describe your relevant work experience and other interests.
Using same format, complete bios for key team members
For executive summary, explain the business in 2-3 sentences.
Describe how your business is better than the existing competitors in 2-3 sentences
Describe the team’s skills to make the business a success


Margaret is a senior retail executive having worked in housewares retail for over 11 years. She is passionate about houseware products which represent the ultimate balance between form and function. Margaret has a well -rounded career having worked as a retail associate, inventory specialist,  buyer and merchandiser during her 11 year tenure at a premium housewares store in NYC. She studied product design at CSU and has worked part time retail for many years. Margaret still paints watercolors and gardens when she is not chasing her 3 and 5 year old children. She is glad to be back in her hometown where everyone knows her name.
Rocky Mountain Hardware(RMH)  is a boutique housewares store located in the heart of town. The proprietor offers a well-curated selection of housewares to surprise and delight town visitors. In an aesthetically pleasing 4500 sqf of space, visitors can walk through the medley of thoughtful gifts and wow housewares while their family feasts on the yummy Gelato in the back of the store.
While these items are available online and at other premium stores, RMH offers the right product at the right time, namely when visitors want to take a vacation from their vacation and have some retail therapy. The customers are often sold by the free shipping on orders over $100 and no-questions-asked return policy. Margaret Cell, the owner, has worked in all aspects of premium housewares retail, holds a design degree and is from town.


Rob has been a mobile app guru for the last 4 years. He has an insatiable hunger for more mobile. He completed more than a dozen native apps and has a specialty in developing highly visual, intuitive content. Previously, he was a project manager at a construction company where he learned to plan out multi-year projects and that a desk job suited him more than real work. Rob can design in a pinch but prefers the code. His other interests include playing riffs on his electric guitar, fly fishing and being the best father he can be.
Designwerks develops fabulous apps for interior designers, architects and product designers. The company’s signature product, Designbord, is an ipad app where interior designers can show clients design boards for various projects. The product has taken off as other design professionals appreciate the intuitive interface, easy photo/artwork/video import, spreadsheet capability and general cool factor.
While display boards and large scale plans will always be needed, Designbord is a ultraportable way to keep clients and team members on the same page. Plus, hundreds of previous projects can be shown to prospective clients. The product is offered at an attractive low initial price with premium pricing for additional features. Rob Coder has been programming, developing websites and apps since the dawn of the consumer PC.

Milo is a local agricultural sales maven focusing in honey distribution. Passionate about honey, Milo has many years of experience consuming it and making high-value-added derivatives. He has worked at farmers markets for years and harvested honey with his Uncle since he was a child. He has worked in food products, namely restaurants. He greatly prefers selling honey to busing tables. When not selling or consuming honey, he enjoys bass fishing and basketball.
Bee Great is one of the finest purveyors of premium honey and honey products. The company has been producing the highest quality honey from bees who feast on the bountiful southwest Michigan wildflowers. Bee Great offers honey, bars, cookies and toffee through farmers markets, tourist shops, restaurants as well as repeat business from their website. While competitors abound at lower prices, Bee Great has stayed with its mission of making the awesomest honey products while making sure their story gets told to the end customer.

There is a place for premium honey especially in the go local movement. Brett has been a beekeeper, or bee curator, well before it has been cool. He has been called the “Bee Whisperer.” Milo has been raised in farmers markets, loves to talk sweet honey and is an accomplished baker.


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FAQ & Resources

What if I don’t have much experience?
Emphasize the idea, your enthusiasm and how well prepared you are for the business. Identify other team members who can make up for the lack of experience.
What if I don’t have a clear executive summary?
Continue to refine the summary as you complete the Joe Start up plan. There is a successful formula to be used. Take a look at the examples and see other summaries.



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