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Craft the message by creating the key benefit and narrative


In paragraph form:
Choose the key benefit and top 2-4 product features
Write a narrative, or story, about the product. Test out the key benefit and narrative. Make changes.
Make a 30 second sales pitch describing the product and key benefit. Also, create a 2 minute pitch describing the product, key benefit and the narrative.
Use the message and narrative consistently throughout the marketing materials. Customers will understand what the brand stands for.


Burke loved to race mountain bikes. He often strapped a video camera to his helmet to capture the events. During one race, he went downhill and flipped over his handlebars and his bike bounced over him. Burke took his helmet off, looked with a daze and said, ‘I wish I had scouted the course,” beforehe fell and passed out. Fortunately, Burke was not seriously injured and he posted a YouTube video called Bummer Burke. The video went viral with the mountain biking community.
A local race director asked Burke if he would video a race course and give tips in order to put on the race website. Burke thought a new business may be born. He could create race course videos which scouted the large mountain bike races with the actual course, GPS, and tips. The key benefit is that the video would help you learn the course for only $15. The narrative of the business would be the Bummer Burke video. The tag line is “Scout it out.” He worked on his 2 minute pitch for meetings with race directors.


Roy developed a process to make custom jewelry where customers design the product. He just wasn’t sure what the message should be. He wrote down all of the benefits and asked his target audience, moms, which they thought were the most important. The main benefit was that their kids would be making one-of-a-kind family heirlooms. He figured the best product narrative he could tell is the story on how he came up with the idea.

His daughter had come into his studio one day and asked if she could make a piece of jewelry. Roy had given her some jeweler’s wax, much like playdoh. When his daughter finished sculpting a pendant, she asked him if he could cast it in sterling silver so she could give to her Nanna.
Roy told the story to moms and they loved the story. He used the key benefit and narrative in designing his website and brochures. Roy had his message.

Steve was excited to start up his Ironhorse granola business but was not sure what the message should be. He knew that the mountain bike community liked it because his friend Conrad, a mountain bike champion, said it was his secret weapon. They liked humor and toughness. And it tasted real good. Steve mapped a survey of the granola available; there were lots of choices at all price points. Some marketed most nutritious, cheapest, most protein and exotic ingredients.
In the end, Steve decided to go with humor and toughness. The key benefit he went with is that it will make you “Stong like bull,” and “Tastes real good.” He named his blends Intestinal Fortitude and Canof Wupass, which he felt would appeal to the tough mountain biking community.

Steve put together a 2 minute pitch on how the granola idea came up, namely his mountain bike champion friend, pushed him to start the business because the product was so good. After going to some mountain bike races and selling the product, Steve knew the message was spot on for his target consumer.


FAQ & Resources

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What is a key benefit?
A key benefit is the most valued solution for the customer..
What is a feature?
A feature is a characteristic of a product.
What is a pitch?
A pitch is a sales argument for purchasing a product.



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