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Select the best materials to reach your customer


Copy and fill in the Template.
Translate message to final materials. Review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of marketing material.
Decide which marketing materials to use. The decision depends on the customer profile and your budget. How does your target consumer currently get product information? Is there a better way - namely clearer or more cost effective?


Mike has worked at his mother’s plant nursery for as long as he could remember. He didn’t want to go to college because he enjoyed being outside. He did enjoy computer games. A while back, a customer, Mr. Peters, had given Mike a landscape design software to help plan out his yard. Mike really enjoyed the combination of landscape design and technology. A couple of referrals from Mr. Peters came. They all lived in the same neighborhood which was relatively new.
Mike had worked out the narrative, pitch and key benefits for his landscape design business. He had to decide what materials would best reach his prospective customers. He looked through the list of options. He knew his customers lived primarily in three higher end neighborhoods. Mike figured that they were web savvy but he did not know their email addresses. As a result, he needed a well done website to establish credibility.
Mike also knew he needed a brochure as a leave behind when he met with prospective customers. Mike decided to create flyers since the target audience lived so close together. He could pay a younger kid to deliver the flyers on a bike for little money. In the end, Mike went with a website, brochure and flyers to reach his customer base.

Bill was unsure which marketing materials his book merchandising software venture should use. His target audience was independent bookstore owners; many of which he knew. He planned to continue giving presentations at the book tradeshows. It made sense to put together a well done brochure.
His son Jim suggested an email campaign to the 1,400 independent bookstore owners. Bill thought it is impersonal and would not be effective. He wanted to do personal letters with a brochure attached. Jim thought the letter campaign was quaint but would take much work to reach a few people. Both agreed the only way to know the bestmethod was to experiment. They would try 20 personal letters and 200 emails. In the end, they settled on a brochure, email and personal letter in addition to their website.


Burke was excited about his mountain bike race preview video business. But he realized he had 2 different consumers: race organizers and mountain bike racers. He needed marketing materials for the race organizers because wanted to put a link on their race website. He also needed materials for the actual bike racers themselves.
Burke prepared a brochure for race directors explaining the business, the benefits and links to sample videos. He also developed an email to send out to race organizers he would not meet face-to-face.
Burke expected that a video link on the race home page would generate most of his customers. He also burned DVDs with sample videos to be given away at mountain bike races. While DVDs were cumbersome, Burke thought it was worth giving a try.


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FAQ & Resources

What is a message?
A message is a clear communication to the customer that includes the product/service’s key benefit and narrative.
What is a narrative?
A narrative is the story of how the product came to be or how it was inspired.
What is an elevator pitch?
An elevator pitch is a 2 minute sales argument for purchasing your product. The pitch includes a product description, key benefit and narrative.



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