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Decide how your business will always be different


Answer in paragraph form:
What your business will do best:  price, customer service or product?
Explain specifically how you will achieve this goal.
Describe your competitors, what they are best at, and how you will be different.



Eli went to the farmer’s market with his mother for one reason: cookies. His mother only allowed him to eat food with healthy ingredients - even cookies. The healthy cookies were $3-4 a piece, more than his mother wanted to pay. He asked again, but his mother said that he should learn how to make cookies or make enough of his own money to make cookies.
Eli had an idea. He would make healthy cookies in a smaller size and charge 50 cents a piece or a half dozen for $3. Eli knew more parents would let their kids buy smaller cookies and, likely, more of them because they seemed cheaper. Eli would offer the best price in the farmer’s market, still provide quality product and still make money.


Mario, a pizzeria owner, came in the restaurant on his off day to find a big crisis. There was an order for 30 pizzas and the delivery boy had just quit. Mario had just come back from a Christening. He was dressed in a crisp navy suit, white shirt and brilliant blue tie. He shrugged and started loading the pizzas in his car. When he showed up to the customer, the wife answered the door.
She was so impressed the pizza delivery guy was so well dressed. She told everyone on the party. When Mario went back to the car to get more pizzas, he was singing a traditional Sicilian ballad. The wife had overheard the song and asked if he would sing that song for her husband. It was his birthday and he loved traditional Italian songs. Mario declined at first but could tell how much the wife wanted him to sing his song. After delivering the pizzas and opening the boxes, he introduced himself to the birthday man and belted out the ballad like his grandfather did years ago.
The party goers were shocked and delighted, particularly the birthday man who was nearly in tears. The wife announced that everyone should buy pizza from the the singing pizza delivery man. During the the following weeks, orders from the tony seaside town flourished. While there were other pizza places, no one offered the unique customer service Mario did.

Rob develops iPhone/iPad apps. One day, he overheard his wife Christine, an interior designer, complaining about the display boards designers use to pitch clients. The poster size display board is a collection of photos, color choices and fabric swatches. Christine thought the boards were clunky and the photos of boards that she put on her iPad could not be changed; she wanted to change photos and colors on the fly. Christine wanted to show new clients the boards she had done for previous clients. She wanted to click through photos to get to vendor websites and add budgets.
Rob thought these iPad display boards would be really popular with young interior designers, but would have broad appeal to the creative class: architects, graphic designers and product designers. It would be much work but he could be creating completely new iPad product which would be the best product


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What is differentiated?
Differentiated means different.



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